Tuesday, 3 November 2009

little pics.

little pictures about a nice trip.

some really nice ones!

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Polly said...

oh che meraviglia (:
the botanical garden. and helsinki. oh how I miss finland :(


Polly said...

p.s. mi sono presa la libertà di linkare il mio post al tuo, così i lettori possono vedere più foto ;) <3

candy for suicide. said...

ah yes i saw them on facebook. it s all wonderful ones. is it the small polaroid camera that polly showed me?

Luca said...

terve!! it s luca. my blog is a bit boring but i have one. so keep in touch, these pics are amazing. i can't wait to visit u in finland!u r always tervetuloa here in nottingham ! moi moi

le ombre nel cielo said...

uao, check the email sometimes luca.
I'm using it a lot and it would be nice to keep in touch in that way.
for me is easier sending emails rather than checking facebook or stuff like that!

Alice said...

i love love love the 3d one :) botanical gardens are heaven.

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